Dulce De Leche




Finally made some Dulce de leche goodness and it tastes similar to condensed milk just that it is more caramelised. Not bad…Shall use some of it in cakes:)

Recipe from Table For 2 or More:


1 can full cream condensed milk, label removed



Fill pot with enough water to cover about 3cm above the lid of the cans. Cover the pot with  its lid and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 3 hrs to attain Dulce de leche with consistency similar to that of syrup. The longer the can is in the water, the thicker it becomes. For mine, I left it in the pot for 3.5 hrs. Add more water if the water level decreases. Ensure that the can is always covered with at least 2cm of water or else it may explode!




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